Developed by America's Wellness Doctor, 
Edward A. Taub M.D. F.A.A.P.,

 "Voyages to Wellness"
positively impact the lives of
Healthcare Professionals
Educational Institutions
Individuals and Couples

​Corporate Leaders

Sailing offers the perfect metaphor for change, and the historic schooner, Curlew, coupled with the natural tranquility of the ocean offers a unique platform to teach individuals a new way to be fully present in life and interact with others in the home, in the workplace, and in friendship.

UC Irvine Medical School Administrative Staff

 Voyage To Wellness

Such an honor to join this sail on such a great boat.  ̴ C.H.

Fun! Relaxing! Thanks! I really needed to DE-STRESS!  ̴ J.M.

So happy to be part of this fantastic Wellness experience.  ̴ K.B.

An extraordinary Wellness experience! Totally memorable.  ̴ T.H.

What a beautiful way for us to be together and celebrate life.  ̴ D.F.

Thank you for a beautiful day and for Wellness. I'm so appreciative.  ̴ J.S.

An important Wellness experience that should be offered to everyone.  ̴ T.P.

I'll cherish this Wellness experience forever. It was so heart-filled with love.  ̴ K.R.

One of the best experiences I've had. I learned so much. Dr. Taub is my inspiration.  ̴ A.M.

What UC Irvine Medical Students and their Dean

are saying after their Voyage To Wellness