The Wellness Medical institute Mindful Meditation

Guided Meditations for Health and Healing

Dr. Taub presents his Wellness Solution along with a guided meditation

on the "Hour Of Power" at the Crystal Cathedral with Dr. Robert H. Shuller 


Meditation is easy enough for kids!

Mindful meditation is a crucial ingredient to attain Molecular Wellness.   

Meditation is a time to quiet our thoughts--which are always moving, because we are always thinking about our future and our past.
So our thoughts are hardly ever still, which causes anxiety.

Meditation allows our thoughts to be still. Remember that the past is history and the future is mystery, so just be still in the here and now.

A special CD of very short meditations comes with Dr. Taub's  Reader's Digest book, Managing Your Stre​ss in Today's World. Both the book and the meditations are freely available on this website.

These powerful meditations will literally meditate you if you listen quietly, since the background music was composed to put your brain into a theta brainwave state of meditation for health and healing--Molecular Wellness.

When your thoughts become still you can listen to the murmurs of your heart....or your Higher Self....or your  Spirit....or God. 

The difference between meditation and prayer is simple: When we pray, we usually pray for God to "Do this" or for God to "Do that"; the beauty of meditation is that in the quiet moments we can hear God's answer. 

Finally, for heaven's sake, don't listen to these meditations while driving! 

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