More History:  

​In 1993, the Wellness Medical Institute aligned with the American Medical Association

for the national launch of "Dr. Taub's Wellness Vaccination For Smoking Cessation.

The Wellness Medical Institute Advisory Board included the U.S. Surgeon General, a U.S. Senator, 
a Mayo Clinic Director, and the Executive VP of the American Medical Association.  

​​Dr. Taub established the Wellness Medical Institute in 1975 to pioneer Integrative Medicine by developing a Wellness Immunization.

The Wellness Medicine Institute established the first hospital Wellness Department in the United States, presented the first Wellness programs at sea (Wind Star & Cunard), and created the only smoking cessation program endorsed by the American Medical Association.  

Dr. Taub freely shares his entire body of work on this website for the well-being of humanity. It includes identifying the ENDO as our "Wellness Organ" that creates Nitric Oxide--thus providing the missing link in molecular biology to understand the science behind Wellness.

Molecular Wellness is more vital to our health and well-being than ever, and Dr. Taub 

is pleased to announce the international location of the Wellness Medical Institute at


                              The Viceroy Resort and Spa, 


                              Zihuatanejo, Mexico