“The most beautifully presented and complete approach to total health and well-being, that I have ever seen.”
 ~Jack Canfield, Author,
Chicken Soup For The Soul

“Bravo to Dr. Taub for adding unconditional love to his list of most wonderful medicines.

~Marianne Williamson,

Author, A Return To Love

“An intelligent, sensitive guide for anyone interested in a fuller, healthier life.” ~Bernie Siegel M.D., Author, Love, Medicine and Miracles 

“Responsible Complementary Medicine.”
~Deepak Chopra, M.D., Author, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind 

“Proves radiant health and wellbeing can be a matter of simple, enjoyable changes in lifestyle.”      

~Joan Borysenko, PhD., Author, Mending the Body, Mending The Mind

"A caring, compassionate doctor who recognizes healing approaches that have withstood the test of time."

 ~Stanley Greben, M.D., Emeritus Professor of  Psychiatry

What the Experts are saying:

​Dr. Taub's Wellness Solution​

Long ago, our health was understood to be rooted in our own natural Healing Force. Indeed, the discipline

we now call medical science began when wise physicians defined good medicine as a tool to assist nature.

Eventually, however, medical science focused on drugs, surgery and radiation--and more natural treatments were disregarded. Yet for all its great advances, modern medicine is taking an increasingly destructive toll on individuals and society.

Modern medicine is coming perilously close to harming as many Americans as it is helping now that we are the most over-tested, over-medicated, over-surgerized and over-radiated people in the entire world.  

Wise physicians realize the natural healing resources of patients are a crucial part of any total treatment strategy — along with the best of modern medicine. Thus, to assist nature, Dr. 
Taub dispenses his Wellness Solution that leads to Molecular Wellness--with assurance that all its side effects are positive. 

Molecular Wellness is a reflection of the unfolding dance of life in which the energies of your body, mind, and spirit are perfectly attuned with each other. It's at this point of balance, that the power of our own natural Healing Force begins flowing freely to nurture and nourish our whole being.  

However, achieving Molecular Wellness requires commitment, which is easier said than done since our healthiest resolutions rarely persist in the face of today's levels of intense stress.  Individuals tend to eat mindlessly when they get stressed out. They also smoke, abuse alcohol and drugs, and stop exercising.  

Stress is the major virus of our times. It’s the precursor to most chronic diseases afflicting Americans. Stress is ruining health, happiness, and lives. We can’t get rid of stress, but we can help manage it by realizing it begins in our mind as a result of how we respond and react to life’s ever-present stressors.

Stress undermines health by destroying our confidence and choking off our ability to love ourselves, to love others, and even to love God. Today, “ILL” is often equivalent to “I Lack Love.” Thus, our health is primarily determined by personal responsibility, self-value and reverence for life--the true pathway to
Molecular Wellness.

In a nutshell, individuals with a high perception of their ability to cope with what life sends their way tend to have low levels of stress. Conversely, individuals with a lower perception of their ability to cope, tend to have higher levels of stress.

Therefore, the most effective way to manage stress is building your own self-esteem and self-confidence—this is basis of Dr. Taub's Wellness Solution. Just remember that your compliance with your own personal promises to follow its "Baby steps" of healthful behavior means everything! 

Immunizations help confer immunity against germs or disease. Dr. Taub's immunization against stress--today's major "virus"--is based on the Nobel Prize science that led to the discovery of our Life Organ (Endothelium) and Spark of Life (Nitric Oxide).  


The most important ingredient of the Wellness Solution is YOU. It's up to you to keep your promises to take charge of your health destiny. This inspires and empowers you to attain Molecular Wellness--which helps you determine your own health destiny far beyond what you might ever have believed was possible.