Dr. Edward A. Taub: Winner of  Orange County Children's   Children's Hospital Abstract Competition: "Pediatrics Trends & Innovations for the Next 25 Years.

Note from the Dean - School of Medicine
University of California, Irvine

Not just for Kids: ​U.C. Irvine Medical Students on a Voyage To Wellness

Navigating to Happy & Healthy!

   "Here's Dr. Taub's Complete Wellness                  Presentation For Kids"

Not just for Kids - Voyages To Wellness helped physicians, nurses and medical students combat stress and caregiver fatigue!


​Dr. Taub is Ship Doctor on the historic schooner, Curlew, where he also directs what is being called "America's Happiest Pediatric & Medical Practice." 

​​Voyages To Wellness create life-changing experiences, especially for kids as they learn about healthy nutrition and exercise while also learning to meditate to prevent stress.  Passengers  experience pure joy while sailing among whales and dolphins.

"It's a joy to watch both kids and grown-ups experience feelings of radical amazement as they become aware of the immensity of life."      ~ Dr. Taub ~

Voyages to Wellness aboard the historic wooden schooner, Curlew

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“What a great opportunity for our kids! I am thankful for your consideration of our Club.”

Andy Brosche, Director of Operations, Boys & Girls Club of the South Coast Area

 “Wow, what a great opportunity in front of us! Thank you so much! The kids and our Club are so grateful for this exciting Voyage To Wellness program. We appreciate this amazing gift to our Club and our young members – we are sure this will be a first for 99% of our kids!”
Teri Halliday, Development Director, Boys & Girls Club of the South Coast Area

"Oh, I loved imagining the white light to meditate because I know it's going to help me be healthy. I can't wait to tell my mom and dad about this, because they are really really really really like a hundred times stressed out!"
Ten Year Old Attendee

"This is the most fun time I have ever had in my whole entire life! I wonder if you would mind also telling me the pirate story now?"
Nine Year Old Attendee