The ENDO lines every blood vessel--here's the  brain. In  a sense, we are our ENDO!

ENDO health and resilience is the basis of Molecular Wellness 

The ENDO has over 5 trillion cells that produce NO, our signaling  molecule for health.

“As a physician and scientist, there is nothing more gratifying than to see your work benefit millions of people.

Hopefully, millions more can benefit from following the recommendations in this book.”

 Ferid Murad, M.D. Ph.D,

Nobel Laureate in Medicine 

Co-author, The Wellness Solution, 

(The World Almanac, 2007)



From "The Wellness Solution" book     

​​​​Meet Your Wellness Organ & The Spark Of Life

​​​​​​​​“If you believe God first breathed life into your atoms, we suspect the divine breath, in molecular form, would be Nitric Oxide. 

 If you believe in evolution, we suspect that Nitric Oxide is the molecule that first infused life into the primordial mass of atoms that evolved into living organisms, and eventually into human beings.

If you believe in God and evolution, it’s still Nitric Oxide that provides the molecular basis for life.

In any event, your personal atomic voyage is something of extraordinary beauty, and the Nitric Oxide  Paradigm helps you understand what the poet William Blake meant about 'Seeing the entire world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower.'”



Our lungs ​and vital organs depend on a healthy ENDO 


A puff of Nitric Oxide (NO) is produced at conception - it's literally our "Spark of Life"

The ENDO is our internal communication system--

producing NO everywhere!