​​Dr. Taub founded the Wellness Medical Institute in 1980 to pioneer Integrative Medicine.  by developing a Wellness Immunization in response to Dr. Jonas Salk's challenge to him.

The Wellness Medicine Institute established the first U.S hospital Wellness Departments, presented the first Wellness programs at sea (Wind Star & Cunard Cruises), and created the only smoking cessation program ever endorsed by the American Medical Association.


Dr. Taub freely shares his entire body of work on this website for the well-being of humanity. It includes identifying the Endothelium--the cellular lining of our blood vessels--as our "Wellness Organ" that creates Nitric Oxide. This is the missing link in molecular biology to help understand the real science behind Wellness.

Molecular Wellness is more vital to our health and well-being than ever, and Dr. Taub 

is pleased introduce the Wellness Medical Institute:





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