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“The most beautifully presented and complete approach to total health and well-being, that I have ever seen.”
 ~Jack Canfield, Author,
Chicken Soup For The Soul

"A caring, compassionate doctor who recognizes healing approaches that have withstood the test of time."

 ~Stanley Greben, M.D., Emeritus Professor of  Psychiatry

“Proves radiant health and wellbeing can be a matter of simple, enjoyable changes in lifestyle.”      

~Joan Borysenko, PhD., Author, Mending the Body, Mending The Mind

​​​​​​If you don't know much about Polio, the epidemic that plagued America for centuries, it's because Dr. Jonas Salk's vaccine helped eradicate the dreaded disease in most of the world. So Dr. Taub felt honored when Dr. Salk personally challenged him to develop a "Wellness Vaccination" against stress in order to benefit all humanity!

Dr. Salk's challenge inspired Dr. Taub to first present Integrative Medicine at a U.C. Irvine Medical School "Grand Rounds" conference (1978). Subsequently, he delivered a landmark address to the Institute of Medicine  titled "Integrative Medicine: A Biosocial and Psychospiritual Approach To Health And Wellness." (1980.)

Modern Medicine is mostly based on repairing the body instead of stimulating its natural will to be well. But our health depends mostly on balancing our physical, mental and spiritual energies so that our natural Healing Force flows freely.  The power of our Healing Force is equivalent to God's presence in all of our cells.  

Dr. Taub's collaboration with Dr. Ferid Murad, a Nobel Laureate, and David Oliphant, a well-informed patient,
identified the human Wellness Organ that actually produces our Healing Force. Our Wellness organ consists of the trillions of cells lining the insides of all our blood vessels that science calls the "Endothelium." Thus, supporting endothelial health is the clinical basis of the new science now being pioneered by Dr. Taub: Molecular Wellness.

The Endothelium creates Nitric Oxide molecules that signal our cells and organs to stay well and function as nature intended. Nitric Oxide is our Healing Force! (Also called Prana or C'hi.) Dr. Taub's Wellness Solution stimulates the Endothelium to produce Nitric Oxide so healing begins from within: Molecular Wellness.

This is not a radical idea, because wise physicians know the natural healing resources of patients are a crucial part of any total treatment plan. What's radical, however, is the sense of radical amazement that Molecular Wellness creates as it places individuals on the threshold of wisdom and the dawning of reverence for life. Then, healing beginning from within can expand in the light of self-care and love. 

Hippocrates, who taught patients that "Nature is the best physician" would approve.



A Pediatrician For All Ages ~

"The story of one Pediatrician who demonstrates

that reducing stress improves the health of children and families--and what that means for  us."

Charlotte Yeh, M.D.

Medical Director, AARP  


Dr. Taub chartered the Wellness Medical Institute to pioneer the science of Integrative Medicine based on this guiding principle: 


          Our Health Is Primarily Determined By Personal

       Responsibility, Self-Value And Reverence For Life." 

The mission of Integrative Medicine is to help the soul of children to  flourish and empower adults to help control their own health destiny.


Dr. Taub knows how wonderful his profession can be when patients are treated with empathy and compassion. He helps patients travel the   path of healing via Molecular Wellness based on Nobel Prize science. 

Molecular Wellness is a reflection of the dance of life when the energies of your body, mind and spirit become attuned with each other. When this occurs, the power of your own natural Healing Force flows freely. 






The happy faces above are members of the Boys and Girls Clubs  enjoying Dr. Taub's "Voyages To Wellness For Kids" on board the historic schooner, Curlew.

Children are especially vulnerable to stress so they need to be taught coping skills they can use throughout their lives. Many of the kids are having life-changing experiences meeting expert sailors while also sailing alongside whales and dolphins

"Voyages To Wellness" are not just for kids, however. They also offer life-changing experiences for adults, including  stressed-out medical students, medical doctors, and nurses.

Passengers of all ages experience feelings of radical amazement as they become aware of how much their health is  determined by their own personal responsibility, self-value and reverence for life.

​​Dr. Taub's


​​Children Enjoying Dr. Taub's

      Wellness Solution​!


“An intelligent, sensitive guide for anyone interested in a fuller, healthier life.” ~Bernie Siegel M.D., Author, Love, Medicine and Miracles 

“Responsible Complementary Medicine.”
~Deepak Chopra, M.D., Author, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind 





The Wellness Medical institute Mindful Meditation

“Bravo to Dr. Taub for adding unconditional love to his list of most wonderful medicines.

~Marianne Williamson,

Author, A Return To Love