​​​​Dr. Taub now writes in 2015...

Science always evolves and new factors call for updating the nutritional supplement guidelines   in the 2007 edition of The Wellness Solution.

The field of Endothelial Biomedicine has now been established in a new textbook by Harvard Professor, William Aird, M.D.

Endothelial Biomedicine was the basis for a collaboration with Dr. Louis Ignarro, who shared the 1998 Nobel Prize with Dr. Murad.

The collaboration helped identify new avenues of nutritional supplementation for ENDO health, especially omega 3 fatty acids and plant-based polyphenols. 

The ENDO HEALTH Nutritional Supplement System features updated formula guidelines for supporting ENDO resilience.

​​​​​​​​The Wellness Solution describes the molecular biology of Wellness and identifies a new disease--"Generalized Hypovitaminosis"-- the authors believe is a major contributing cause of chronic degenerative diseases.
In 2007, the authors write:

"The good news is Generalized Hypovitaminosis can be prevented and treated with a nutritional supplement system when used along with the healthful lifestyle principles  of the Wellness Vaccination..."

"The miracle is the fact that we already have an effective prevention and treatment plan to share with you...based on therapeutic lifestyle changes that stimulate the body's own internal healing pharmacy.”

"Thus, it seems appropriate to commemorate Dr. Salk's contribution to humanity with a new and revolutionary Wellness Vaccination! "

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 Especially see:

"Vitamins and Minerals

(p. 33-67) 

​​In 2007, the authors also write...

​"The Wellness Solution reduces your risk of chro
nic degenerative diseases by fostering your internal Healing Force (homeostasis), while slowing down the

force that causes everything in the body to eventually fall apart (entropy)."

"People with normal levels of Nitric Oxide in their bodies are generally healthier

than those with low levels of Nitric Oxide. Damage to the body caused by increased free radicals requires increased amounts of vitamins, especially antioxidants."

"When your intake of vitamins is insufficient to overcome the damage, the levels of Nitric Oxide in your body decrease, which contributes to the development of chronic degenerative diseases."

"Our bodies can't survive without vitamins and minerals, but did you know that for for the most part, our body doesn’t manufacture its own vitamins and minerals? You only get these essential nutrients from the foods you eat or nutritional supplements you ingest."

"However, even if you eat very well, it’s highly unlikely that you will get the amount

of vitamins and minerals that medical research now shows can reduce your risk of many major diseases."

"The Wellness Solution is the key to Molecular Wellness. Imagine messages carried by Nitric Oxide molecules--'Sparks of Life'--throughout your entire body to stave off or treat
 chronic degenerative diseases!"

"Imagine Nitric Oxide molecules bolstering your immune system, protecting your heart and brain health, combating stress, enhancing memory, and even helping a flagging libido. It's like Viagra for the entire body!"

"Is there more to Nitric Oxide than Viagra? Of course there is. Nitric Oxide ensures blood flow to the entire body, and the Wellness Solution is the natural way to make it happen."

"Taking a daily well-balanced, comprehensive nutritional system as part of a healthy lifestyle strategy is the key to maintaining optimal health and wellness."



​​ "You are about to step outside the traditional  disease treatment model of medicine and step into the world of modern Preventive Medicine and Wellness, not illness."